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Добрый день!

У меня есть одна очень интересная позиция в компании, являющейся лидером в секторе развлечений для всей семьи. Это компания The Walt Disney Company. В России они всего лишь 2 года и сейчас планируют запустить масштабный издательский проект детской литературы (книги, журналы). Для этого проекта, который будет запущен с нуля я ищу сильного кандидата со знанием английского языка на позицию Head of publishing - Руководитель направления "Издательские проекты" - по зарплате 8 - 10тыс долл.(позиция очень срочная, описание ниже). Если у Вас возникнут какие-либо комментарии или вопросы, я с удовольствием отвечу на них по тел. +7 495 935 86 06 или по электронной почте


Ксения Николаева.


· To help TWDC Russia and Disney Publishing Worldwide in assessing the most appropriate short, mid and long term strategy and business model for Russia.
· Expand the Publishing business in Russia through successful launch of new products and implementation of successful marketing and promotions program to gain market share.
· To increase retail visibility of Disney products through working with key retailers and licensees in the major channels, such as mass market, department stores, bookstores, kiosks and specialty stores
· Support and monitor marketing & promotion plans of the key licensees to ensure that revenues grow and products are given sufficient exposure at retail.
· Provide TWDC Russia and DPW management with updates on business including reporting, analysis and budget control.
· Identify opportunities for Publishing with cross LOB application.
· To work with Brand Management and secure the appropriate approvals for all advertising and tie-in promotions.
· To work with Synergy Partners (WDSI, WDSHE, Disney TV, DIS and DCP) in identifying and implementing initiatives that will help raise character awareness and ultimately, Publishing revenue.


1. Strategic Management
· Provide accurate planning information on the market and its consumer focus to enable appropriate decision making
· Capitalise on cross-promotional opportunities with key licensees, synergy partners, and retailers, where possible
· Work on exploring new channels for Continuity/Direct Sales.
· Participate in synergy meetings to understand overall Disney’s Russia strategies to enable Publishing’s plans are in line with the direction,

2. Retail
· Develop retail presence with key retailers such as bookstores, department stores, hypermarket and specialty chains through creating permanent product corners for selling Publishing products
· Support key licensees in developing book corners, guide and monitor licensees’ corners to ensure a consistent brand image
· Management in the development process for corner from concept stage to corner completion, location selection to floor plan layout.
· Identify and develop new potential channels to increase in-market sales performance.
· Plan and execute retail material support programs to gain greater consumers’ interest, product visibility and increased sales, such as point of sales materials, premiums.
· Work with licensees to ensure consistency and quality in event concept and execution to ensure all major events that are consistent with the global strategies as well as in line with the local needs.
· Work with the local Russia cross LOB retail team to make sure that Publishing’s retail approach is consistent with the company’s overall approach.

3. Marketing
· Develop and implement consumer marketing plan that enhances the image of the brands, reinforces the consumers confidence and grows the business via specific marketing activities, such as bookfairs, POS materials, book corners, etc
· Monitor both Disney or licensees organized sales promotion, events and advertising
· Provide annual Publicity &Promotion plans.
· Work with licensees to ensure consistency and quality in event concept and execution to ensure all major events that are consistent with the regional strategies as well as in line with the local needs.

4. Others
· Ensure that products in the market have consistently excellent quality by making sure that these products are sent to the proper approval channels.


( i ) Education
University graduate
( ii) Professional Qualifications
· MBA or equivalent
( iii) Personal Attributes
· Leadership
· Strategic vision
· Initiative
· Team player
· Good presentation skills
· Dedicated and Hard Working
( iv ) Previous Work (or other requisite) Experience
· At least eight years working experience in either the Publishing or Marketing & Sales related functions.
· Proven track record of working with licensees/distributors, established professional network in Russia a definite advantage
(v) Any other Requirements (e.g. Languages )
· English fluent, PC skills, excel, words and powerpoint
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