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Нужна помощь в переводе стихотворения

Работаю над переводом книги, в ней есть стихотворение (того же автора, что и сама книга). Я стихами переводить не умею, нужна помощь. Денег, увы, предложить не могу (за перевод, как это у нас принято, платят копейки, в пересчете на объем стихотворения выходит меньше трех долларов), но обещаю авторский экземпляр книги, когда выйдет, и всю славу. Cтихотворение под катом.

You don't know what to say, I know,
In a way you want to stay,
In a way you want to go.
You can't make up your mind.
You want to go away
But not leave me behind.
Let's sit together and see,
In the same room just quietly,
Don't be in pain, don't talk of doom,
Don't catch that train just yet.
While you play out your game
I'll always be the same,
Let's wait and see. Just don't forget,
It's only me.
I want you but only forever,
I can't settle for less you.
I want you but only forever,
I won't press you,
I won't distress you
If I can't possess you.
Don't feel it a sin
You can pack it in at any time,
It's not a crime,
I'll bear it and I'll grin!
I'll be a hero most of all in this,
I'll let you go with a loving kiss,
My heart is full of fear,
But you are free,
Don't go away, my dear -
But if you do, I'll smile and say
Goodbye, don't cry, for you are you,
And I am only me.

Don't tear yourself apart, darling,
How much I love you,you know, that's not in doubt,
I don't want to bruise your heart, darling,
You 're always free to go - out.
I won't scream and shout.
Why should you love me after all,
There's no good reason.
Any time can be the fall,
You can leave in any season.
I want you for my wife,
I want you all my life,
But if you fly away, and we can't be together,
I won't die, I'll say
Goodbye, good flying weather, from only me.
I want you but only forever
Nothing else will do,
I want you but only forever,
That is my only you.
If you take flight
I won't die out of spite,
I won't cry out of spite,
I won't be unkind
If you change your mind,
I won't torment you,
Hide the pain in my heart,
Make it easy to part,
I won't prevent you.
I want your happiness,
I won't be bad,
I'll say goodbye. God bless you,
And don't be sad, darling -
It's only me.

кросспост в разные места - заранее прошу прощения, если вам пришлось прочитать это несколько раз
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